Center for Innovative Finance: Prof. Dr. Fabian Schär

This video is the first lecture from the educational lecture series on Blockchain, digital money and cryptoassets from the Center for Innovative Finance at the University of Basel. The lecture series focuses on the scientific analysis and practical implementation of blockchain projects, venturing and innovative financial solutions. More videos can be found here.

Center for Humans and Machines Seminar Series: Roberta Sinatra

This video comes from the YouTube resource page of the Max Planck Institute for Human Development. In it, Roberta Sinatra of IT University of Copenhagen presents ideas around addressing the biases inherent in the quantification of scientific success. This presentation builds on her previous research and provides focus around network science, data science, and computational social science.

ESMT Berlin, 2021 Open Lecture: Özlem Bedre-Defolie

In this lecture, Özlem Bedre-Defolie presents findings from her five-year research project Digital Platforms: Pricing, Variety, and Quality Provision (DIPVAR), funded by a prestigious European Research Council (ERC) grant. Together with Simon Anderson of the University of Virginia department of economics, she has developed a theoretical model to address the following questions: Under which conditions hybrid business models are profitable? And what are the implications on third-party products (or sellers) and consumers? In conclusion, she discusses the anti-trust and tax policy implications of her research, in the paper “Hybrid Platform Model.”

The ESMT Open Lectures showcase speakers, who through their achievements and expertise are recognized leaders in their fields. The lectures cover a wide spectrum of fields ranging from business, economics, politics, and philosophy to the arts. You can find more information about their school and these talks at their website.

2019 Keynote at UBS Center’s Future of Work Conference: David Autor

Autor’s work is well-known for pushing our understanding around automation, digitalization, and international trade. In this presentation, he outlines the trajectory of the labor market and how the work of the future will shape our institutions.

This was a joint event between UBS and the Università della Svizzera italiana (USI) in Lugano, Switzerland. You can find more information about the conference at their website.

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