Crypto-Currencies in a Digital Economy

Crypto-Currencies in a Digital Economy

Since its introduction in 2008, distributed ledger technology emerged from its use in crypto-currencies and continues to disrupt numerous technological and economic applications. Despite its potential as a trust-free, cost-efficient, and automated system, DLT is still an emergent technology and, therefore, faces a number of challenges.

The Berlin Crypto-Currencies Conference (CCConf) provides a platform for interdisciplinary discussion of these challenges, as well as the technological and economic potential of blockchain-based systems. We welcome researchers and practitioners working on topics such as:

  • macro-economic consequences, decentralized monetary policy, CBDC
  • high-frequency exchanges, portfolio optimisation and risk management
  • privacy, security, and alternative DLT approaches
  • governance by and of blockchain-based systems
  • legal aspects


The event is finished.